Odyssey: 1852 / 1980The Odyssey: 2000 / 2017The Odyssey: 2000 / 1980 / 2001Flesh, 1982Mean, 1982Where, 1982Bound, 1982Temper, 1968Fine, 1982Help, 1982Bound, 1968Find, 1982Find, 1982 Find, 1982Ravel, 1982Remarks on the Outcome of the Election, 1980Remarks on the Outcome of the Election, 1980 (detail)Speech Sounds, 1983Speech Sounds, 1983 (detail)Total Eclipse, 1982Total Eclipse, 1982 (detail)No Name in the Street, 1972No Name in the Street, 1972 (detail)Loving, Leaving, 2001Loving, Leaving, 2001 (detail)